Access Control

ESK M4: Fleet management in 1 click

With 1 click u can access all the core data from your.

  • Follow up on the rules of conduct/driving behavior of the driver

  • Use of material

  • Shock detection

  • Battery management

You will receive detailed reports via e-mail and will be notified in real time in case of problems. 

Due to the close up following you can react better and faster which ensures optimization and profitability.

The system also uses geolocalisation so you always know where all forklifts are, which course they have taken and so on. 

Also ask for our entry-level access control systems with the possibility of expansion afterwards, such as the ESK M4 or the OR (this system works for smaller fleets but does not offer any communication between truck and operator).

Responsibility of the driver (personal key or badge)

Lowering the costs of damage

Optimizing the management of your fleet

Shock detection (average to big shocks)

Access to the admin platform through internet connection

Independent and supporting all brands

Management of driving behaviour

Lowering the running costs

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