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In agriculture there are a lot of examples of where a camera monitoring system are essential. Not only during driving in reverse, but also as an optic control help during the job. Both on the outside as on the inside of the machine.

With our experience we can, together with our customer, look for the optimal solution in function of the machine and the visibility problem. 

Below you can view some examples of machines where a system is certainly possible. Mowers, combine harvesters, baling machine, sprinklers, tractors, telescopic handlers, potato or beet harvesters and so on.  



In some specific cases we can even use a wireless system to place the camera on the ejection tube of the thresher and place the screen in the cabin of the nearby tractor. 

We are a partner for visibility solutions for Same-Deutz-Fahr Benelux.


In agriculture camera systems are sometimes essential in some cases. Both during the driving in reverse as well as an optical help during the job.


Our visibility solutions make sure these jobs are more efficient.

Automatic Extinguishing System
automatisch blussysteem

An automatic extinguishing system which protects your equipment during a fire hazard and which automatically starts extinguishing when detecting a fire. 

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