At the airport there is constantly a lot of traffic doing different activities. To make the job more smooth and to increase the safety of both the passengers as well as the employers, it is best that the activities are carried out optimally with the aid of our safety systems and visibility solutions.

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Visibility Solutions

The view of the driver is often limited caused by different causes like their cargo, containers, buildings, other vehicles and so on. 

We offer different visibility solutions to increase the safety and ergonomics.

Speed zoning
speed zoning

At the airport multiple vehicles drive around, often with different speeds. They also enter zones including pedestrians. 

By warning other vehicles and/or pedestrians or by preventively lowering the peed in potentially dangerous zones we increase the safety. 

Warnings/detection systems

At the airport vehicles are often in the same zone as pedestrians. 

With a warning system both the pedestrians as well as the vehicles know when they are close to each other increasing their alertness.

Access Contro

We offer a fleet management system allowing you acccess to all the core data of your vehicle park in 1 click. 

ODCA (Object Detection & Collision Avoidance)
object detection and collission avoidance

Detects objects and avoids collisions. Notify the driver in time when a possible collision danger is present or lower the speed.

Thanks to the Smart Infrared ToF technology (Time of Flight). 


Gone is the paper checklist. Checkbox is a new way of checking your equipment via electronic inspection. 

Automatic Extinguishing System
automatisch blussysteem

An automatic extinguishing system protecting your equipment against fire hazards and automatically starts extinguishing a fire when detecting it.