Our visibility solution for SCA to make sure the driver has a clear view of what is happening in the front during his job. 


Front camera to optimize the driver's view during the loading and unloading of a truck.


Thanks to our vision solution, the driver can now see what is happening in front of the vehicle. 


A front camera is a good way to limit the damage costs by giving the driver a better view. 

XPO Logistics

We provided XPO Logistics with a camera system that works in their -25° cooling cells.

Atlas Copco

We installed several wireless vision solutions at Atlas Copco.


LBX works with train wheels and their forklifts have special tongs to carry them around. Because of the width of the wheels, the visibility of the driver is limited.


The 50 ton forklifts from Nexans drive around with huge bobbins. Therefore the driver needs a good image from in front of the vehicle given to him by a camera solution. 

V2S - Vehicle Safety Solutions

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