APPLICATION ODCA Internal Transport

The ODCA-system offers several applications within the practice of internal transport. Vehicles are often in the same area of other vehicles and/or pedestrians. We need to make sure the safety of both the drivers and the pedestrians is as high as possible. One of the possible applications is object recognition. The system detects up to 20 different objects at a distance of 60 m.

You can divide the area in 3 zones. For example a zone at 40m, 15m and 5m. When an object is detected you can choose to activate several actions depending on the zone and the distance to the object. 

Some examples: when the object is within 

- 40 m --> turn on a light

- 15 m --> turn on a buzzer which will alert people

- 5 m --> activate a vocal alert. 

The ODCA-system also has several other applications like for example monitoring the area, guiding a vehicle between lines, monitoring of distance between several vehicles, tracking of reflectors, help during positioning, warnings for possible collisions.

In addition, we also have de ODCA REFLECTIVE which detects reflective objects when they are in te pre-set zone.

Belo you can find videos of both applications.