Within warehouses, distribution centres and so on a lot of forklifts and other vehicles often drive in small aisles. A lot of accidents happen here because the view of a reach truck is limited when he needs to work at an altitude. the driver can't see when another vehicles is driving in the same aisle.


We based ourselves on the ODCA-system to offer our solution for small aisles, SATCA. When a vehicle enters a small aisle where a forklift is already working we can detect this other forklift via SATCA. If the system detects a vehivle/object, different actions can take place depending on the distance to the object like for example turning on a light, activating a buzzer, or slowing down the forklift.

We can limit the 3D-image with SATCA to fit the width of the aisles of our customer completely fine-tuning the solution to the needs of our customer.