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AI camera
AI camera.png

The AI camera detects people that are in the detection field of the camera. The A.I. camera increases the field of vision for the driver and detects pedestrians. It gives a warning after detecting and has the option to reduce the speed of the forklift after detection.

Reach Truck Solution 

Our solution for reachtrucks consists of a wireless system that ensures a clear visibility during the stacking of pallets at an altitude. 

A system which ensures an optimal visibility without being in the way of the forks.

Full View Rear view camera

When driving in reverse in a forklift several things can go wrong. With our full view rear view camera system you have a 2-in-1 image. The camera detects movement as well. 

Front camera

To make the job more efficient and faster. This camera helps the driver during the job. 

Narrow aisle camera

Improve the driver's view from a man-up truck in narrow aisles with our vision solution.

Blind spot camera

Make the blind spots of a truck visible for the driver with our vision solution.