Automatic Extinguishing Systems

Worldwide machines are lost to fire daily. The ignition of fire often happens in the motor compartment. 

With an automatic extinguishing system the fire will be detected early and extinguished immediately.

The automatic extinguishing system protects your equipment against possible fire hazards. It mainly takes care of 2 aspects: 

- Fire safety by quick oppression of the fire. 

- Protection of both cabin, machine and equipment.

The system can offer a safety solution for all types of equipment like machines, vehicles, storage rooms,... It detects the fire at the sight of ignition and immediately activates an extinguishing system. This quick way of working prevents and minimizes possible damage or down time. 





The system is fully automatic (no external electric source needed) which ensures a maximal business continuity and protection of your equipment. There are several executions with different extinguishing agents available. The automatic extinguishing system exists in a direct and an indirect system. The direct system uses the detection drainage to both detect and extinguish the fire. The indirect system uses the Firetrace detection drainage only to detect the fire. 

V2S determines (together with you) which system and which extinguishing agent is most appropriate for your application.

                                                                                 Direct automatic extinguishing system

                                                                                 Indirect automatic extinguishing system

The automatic extinguishing system is easy and fast to assemble. Both the initial assembly as well as the maintenance of the system is easy to do so that the customer can do it himself, making it economical for the total lifespan. 

It works with an indirect low pressure system. The extinguishing cylinder with its extinguishing agent is under a constant pressure of 13,5 bar. the patented drainage which we use is also under a 13,5 bar pressure and reacts to the heath of the fire. If the temperature exceeds 190° the detection drainage bursts open which makes the pressure drop? This opens the valve and then the extinguishing agent is injected through strategically placed nozzles in the motor compartment. 

Automatisch blussysteem

Fully mechanical and 100% failsafe

Extinguish effectively by adapted choice of extinguishing agent

Simple and fast assembly (even in existing equipment)

Easy to control and to maintain

Compact and light system