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Increase the safety of your employees in a simple way. Speed Control is a risk prevention system by color detection. The system recognizes a color code that triggers such an action.

For example: At busy intersections where there are different vehicles and/or employees, Speed Control is an efficient and simple way to increase safety.

The machine recognizes a color code (one that you can choose yourself, eg green-red) on the ground and therefore performs an action. These can be various actions such as a vocal or audible alarm, a light beacon and/or preventive slowing down of the speed. When the vehicle recognizes a color code again when leaving the zone, but now in the opposite direction (namely red-green), it accelerates again. 

You can choose different color codes that each cause a different action. For example with green-red slowing speed and a beacon of light. With the color combination blue-yellow a vocal alert.

There are several possibilities that we can fully adapt to your situation.

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