Applications Internal Transport

 In warehouses and distribution centra safety is of big importance. A lot of forklifts and other vehicles drive around to load and unload. 

The driver's view is often limited by several things such as a load, buildings, other forklifts and so on. The trucks often drive around in zones with pedestrians as well. Accidents are therefore a realistic option.

Thanks to our knowledge and our offer of good products we can help create a safe environment. Next to this we work with the most important brands of forklifts. 


V2S offers several safety and visibility solutions for a safer internal transport as you can view below.  

Visibility Solutions

The truck driver's view is often limited. This can be a result of different causes such as their load, buildings and other vehicles.

We offer several visibility solutions to increase the safety. 

Speed zoning
speed zoning

In a warehouse multiple vehicles with different speeds drive around. They sometimes enter zones with pedestrians as well.


By warning other forklifts and/or pedestrians or by preventively lowering the speedij potentie of possible dangerous zones we increase the safety.

Warning/detection systems

In a warehouse or in a distribution centre forklifts are often in the same zone as pedestrians.

With a warning system both parties know when they are near each other and this increases their consciousness. 

Access control

We offer a fleet management system where with 1 click you are granted access to all core data of your vehicle park.


Gone is the paper checklist.

Checkbox is a new way to check your material using electronic inspection. 

Blue spot/ Red line
red line

Besides the Blue/ Red spot we also offer an extra safety measure: Red line. This system shows a clear zone around the forklift so pedestrians know where it is safe to walk and where it isn't. 

Automatic extinguishing system
automatisch blussysteem

An automatic extinguishing system which protects all of your material against fire hazards and automatically starts extinguishing when a fire is detected.