Our knowledge

V2S is an expert in the field of vision and safety solutions for industrial vehicles in the world of internal transport, road and construction works, transport and  the agro-industry.


When safety is your biggest concern, make sure your vehicle is equipped with a vision and/or safety solution by V2S. We base ourselves on 3 principles:

   - SAFETY (and damage control, cost-effective)

   - ERGONOMICS (perform optimally better and longer)

   - PROCESS MONITORING (of the activities)

At V2S we distribute solutions to increase the safety of both goods and people in places in the business where the risk of accidents is high: production installations, logistic platforms, the airport, around vehicles and so on. 

We increase the safety in the daily work environment. We do this by limiting the risks of accidents related to the use of forklifts, trucks, construction material and agricultural vehicles among others. 

We offer user-friendly systems which comply with the strict criteria to allow a professional use. We test every system before shipment.

The material is polyvalent (fits every brand, even if inside the vehicle fleet) and because of the wide variety of solutions, we can always ensure the ideal combo, adjusted to your wishes and material. Customer specific solutions is one of our strengths. We will offer a solution for every goal or use.

For some applications we have technologies from specialized partners who make it possible to communicate with your material and thereby improve the use and management.

V2S, the technology for your safety.

Personalized solutions for all your vision and safety problems.
Universal assembly possible. Not brand-bound. 
Follow-up and guidance during every step of your project: from ascertaining the need to finding the best solution together to the delivery of the chosen solution. And even beyond... 
Customer oriented
The best price quality ratio
Specialist in our trade because our focus lies solely in mobile safety solutions.