Our clients: Access control

Internal Transport 

Situating the problem:

The production unit in Etalle close to Verviers asked us for a system of access control with shock detection.  


Our solution:

We introduced them to our ESKM3. This sites offers the possibility to start "easily" and to expand the system over time with for example communication via radio, wifi or GPRS. 

We also work with a badge. This could be the badge that we deliver with our system, or an already existent badge; Our supplier controls most of the common standards in this area. 




Situating the problem:

Brussels Airport came to us with several questions regarding their sweeping vehicles.

  • Acces Control to avoid unauthorized people from starting the broom vehicle and drive with it. 

  • To see when the vehicles are being used, info about the hours that the brooms of the machine were activated. 

  • Shock detection and alert via e-mail when a certain shock intensity is reached. 

  • Geolocalisation (where are the broom vehicles) and their distance traveled.


They also wanted to support the driver during sweeping so that he can see where he has already sweeped and so he can see if it is done correctly.  

Our solution:

The first 4 questions were solved by using our ESKM4. We delivered it with an extra option of shock detection and GPS. ESKM4 can also be used for access control, info about hour states, users and shock registration and messages and geolocalisation. The manager receives a weekly e-mail with a detailed report.



To solve the last question (support of the driver during sweeping) we installed a TOPCON solution. This solution originated from our experience in the agriculture sector. When the driver drops the broom, the coloring of the screen is automatically activated. The driver can visually see what he has already sweeped, and if he hasn't skipped anything. The manager can view the performed tasks via USB.