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Our clients: Warning lights & Lasers

Internal Transport 
Red Line veiligheidsoplossing

Situating the problem:

Bemis was looking for several safety solutions. They want to create a safe environment for all their employers. Especially in the zones where multiple forklifts are present or a zone with pedestrians.


Our solution:

In the zones with multiple forklifts and/or pedestrians we implemented our Speed Zoning. This makes sure that the forklift slows down from 8 km/h to 4 km/h when it passes a color code on the floor. To warn both other forklifts as pedestrians that a forklift is approaching we provided them with a second safety solution: our Red Spot and Red Line. The Red Spot is an alternative for the already known Blue Spot. It warns surrounding drivers and pedestrians when a forklift is nearby. The Red Line traces around the forklift, pedestrians can now clearly see when it is safe for them to pass the forklift. These safety solutions decrease the number of accidents and increase the safety.


























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