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Our clients: Speed Zoning

Internal Transport
Speed Control
Decra Icopal

DHL chose Speed Control.


At their site in St Barthélémy d'Anjou we have solved different safety problems by introducing Speed Control.

The principle of color detection allows for the execution of multiple actions in a machine.





When a first color code is detected (green/red), the forklift is slowed down when entering a zone with other forklifts and/or pedestrians. 



When the forklift drives over a second color code (light blue/dark blue), a PROXY SL tag is activated which signals the terminal that a vehicle is approaching. 

In this case the introduction of different relays had a decisive advantage. Next to this, the easy introduction of our solution had a decisive role in the choice of Speed Control. 

Speed Control
Speed Control

Situating the problem:

At Decra Icopal they were looking for a speed zoning solution. Their warehouse includes trucks driving under a passageway with little extra room.


Our solution:

With our Speed Control System we were able to help Decra Icopal. A color code on the floor of the warehouse makes it possible to preventively slow down a forklift before entering the small passageway. The driver now has time to see if the mast is lowered. It is also safer to drive through the passageway at a slower speed. After the passageway is passed the forklift will speed up again after detecting the color code.

Situating the problem:

Sea-Invest came to us to find a solution for Tropicana. Tropicana want to increase the safety in their warehouse by limiting the speed of their forklifts in certain zones 


Our solution:

At Tropicana they wanted an automatic speed reduction for their forklifts in four different zones. With our Proxy Truck speed zoning system we have accomplished this. This system works with a receiver and tags that communicate via radio waves. When a tag comes close to the receiver, an action is caused, in this case an automatic speed reduction from 12km/h to 8km/h.  

Fibre Glass
Nestle Waters

Situating the problem:

Bemis was looking for several safety solutions. They want to create a safe environment for all their employers. Especially in the zones where multiple forklifts are present or a zone with pedestrians.


Our solution:

In the zones with multiple forklifts and/or pedestrians we implemented our Speed Zoning. This makes sure that the forklift slows down from 8 km/h to 4 km/h when it passes a color code on the floor. To warn both other forklifts as pedestrians that a forklift is approaching we provided them with a second safety solution: our Red Spot and Red Line. The Red Spot is an alternative for the already known Blue Spot. It warns surrounding drivers and pedestrians when a forklift is nearby. The Red Line traces around the forklift, pedestrians can now clearly see when it is safe for them to pass the forklift. These safety solutions decrease the number of accidents and increase the safety.


























Situating the problem:

Fibre Glass wanted to get a speed zoning in their company. The company has certain zones where a lower speed should be implemented because other forklifts and pedestrians could be in these zones.


Our solution:

We introduced Fibre Glass to our Speed Control. This was the best possible solution to slow down forklifts in certain zones. Speed Control is accurate up to 10 cm. The transition from fast to slow happens automatically when a color code (for example green-red) is surpassed on the floor. When the forklift drives over the second color code (for example red-green) the forklift automatically speeds up again.


Situating the problem:

The production unit in Etalle close to Verviers asked us to replace their existing system of speed zoning. They were not really satisfied with the old system, which was easily bypassed. Besides we were asked to show a system of access control with shock detection.  


Our solution:

For their last request we introduced them to our ESKM3. This sites offers the possibility to start "easily" and to expand the system over time with for example communication via radio, wifi or GPRS. 

We also work with a badge. This could be the badge that we deliver with our system, or an already existent badge; Our supplier controls most of the common standars in this area. 



Our partner Proxy Truck had provided us with a solution regarding the speed zoning. This would however not be possible for them, which we noticed when we visited the site in Etalle. The demanded precision in a very marge open space would not be feasible with Proxy Truck. We introduced them to our brand new Speed Control. This works with color recognition present on the floor. Next to a decrease in speed, this system can also be selected to activate a honking sound or a light. It can also be used to give a warning when for example a forklift has its forks extended too high, which would not be able to fit through the gate or the passageway. 



Both of our speed zoning systems also have the advantage that they can handle a situation fast/slow INSIDE a building. Other systems can often only be used in inside or outside situations.


Situating the problem:

SAPA came to us with several questions. They were looking for a rearview camera and besides this were looking for a system of speed zoning. 


Our solution:

SAPA now uses one of our visibility solutions: the rearview camera. This camera makes sure that the blind spots are now visible. It uses a 2-in-1 display and detects movement. This increases the safety.



We solved their question regarding speed zoning with our Proxy Truck. We inserted a low speedzone. The Proxy SL lamp and speaker warns pedestrians near some crossing points when trucks are nearby or passing.



In the zones were the company has their ovens, we inserted a low speed zone. When the ovens are open, because they need to be filled, this low speed zone is overruled to accelerate the loading process. Thanks to our tailor made solution there is a low speed zone when the ovens are closed, which is overruled when they are opened.

Situating the problem:

Foamglas had several safety questions. They were looking for a safe solution for speed zoning and a visibility solution for during driving in reverse. Their forklifts almost drive the same amount in reverse in comparison with driving forwards.


Our solution:

When driving in reverse in a forklift, a lot of accidents are prone to happen. That is why our visibility solution of our reverse camera is a perfect solution. The driver of the forklift has a clear view of what is happening behind him. The camera also detects movement. We mounted our reverse camera system on all of their forklifts.



We also proposed our Proxy Truck system to them regarding the speed zoning question. This system works with tags. We lower the speed of the forklifts when they enter specific zones inside the warehouse.    

Premium Sound Solutions

Situating the problem:

Premium Sound Solutions came to us because they were looking for a speed zoning system. They also needed warnings on several locations in their warehouse. 


Our solution:

Our Proxy Truck was an ideal solution for both of these problems. Because the Proxy Truck can manage both. When a truck enters the production hall of Premium Sound Solutions we want to slow down the truck's speed. The Proxy Truck sends a signal to a tag on the truck which will automatically slow down the vehicle.


We also solved their problem concerning the warnings with the Proxy SL lamp. 3 different spots in the hallways between the production machines got a lamp which is activated when the truck is nearby. 

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