Our clients: Vision solutions


Situating the problem:


EMR is a company that recycles metal. EMR Rotterdam asked us to optimale the visibility of the driver of their cranes. The ships are unloaded with huge Senneboge Cranes. They wanted a solution for 2 cranes. 


Our solution:

Per crane we will provide a visibility solution of 3 screens and 5 cameras:


- 1 Multi-vision screen with 2 cameras on the "stick" (this is the last section, where the gripping rod is attached       to). This improves the vision of what the driver is doing and enhances the safety and proces support.

- 1 Multi-vision screen with 2 wireless cameras showing the pomphouse/machine room of the crane. The driver       can now see if there is a problem like and oil leakage. The safety is again enhanced by a visibility                       solution.


- 1 Mono-vision screen with 1 wireless camera. We don't mount the camera on the crane itself but rather on the     loading area where the metal is put to be shredded. The driver can see if there aren't too many raw materials       being put into the loading area to prevent clogging of the machine. This visibility solution mostly helps the           working process. 


At Euroports Gent we implemented a vision solution so the driver gets a better view of the surroundings of the forklift. On the monitor you can see that the image automatically switches from front camera to back camera with 2 side view cameras. This gives the operator a clear image of what is happening left/ right and behind the vehicle in one glance. 

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At Ghent Coal Terminal we placed several cameras on a wheel loader 335. The cameras are on both sides and in front and at the back of the vehicle to give the driver a good view of his surroundings when working/driving. The cameras where installed on an extension to assure the best view. Because of the big loading bin in the front, it was necessary to place a camera here. Our DUAL camera was mounted at the back of the vehicle. This camera combines a view from the rear with a bird view perspective.  

Volvo 350 met front camera constructie.j
Front camera constructie 2.jpg

Front view from the driver

Frontzicht vanuit bestuurder.jpg

Front view from the camera

Frontzicht vanuit camera.jpg