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Warning lights/Lasers

Red Line Light
ARC light.jpg
Increase the safety of pedestrians in your warehouse

In 40% of the accidents with forklifts pedestrians are involved. To increase the safety of pedestrians in the warehouse we offer you a solution namely our various types of Warning Lights:

- Spot and FLASHING Blue Spot

- Line Light, Line Light MINI, Line Light RECT

- Arch shaped

- Overhead Crane Warning Light

They are available in RED or BLUE.

We also offer a laser alignment system in our range. More information can be found at the bottom of this page.

The lamps project a bright red/blue spot/line on the floor to keep pedestrians at a safe distance. U can adjust the lines at the desired distance depending on the type of forklift. 
Het systeem is inzetbaar op elke heftruck: voltage 10-80V. 

                                         FLASHING Blue Spot projecting a moving spot on the floor


The Lines is assembled on the sides of the forklift. It's also possible to assemble them on the front and back of the forklift. The ARC lamp also lines out the desired distance that pedestrians should keep.


The Overhead Crane Lights are available as a spot or line and can be used for multiple applications. They mainly warn employees for the movement of the hook/load. In addition the positioning of the hook/load is simplified by the extra reference frame on the floor. For more information on the Overhead Crane Lights, you can find a presentation at the bottom of this page.


Because of the lines projected, pedestrians know at all times at what safe distance they need to stay. Accidents can be avoided because of this.

Most common accidents with forklifts are foot injuries and the swinging of the forklift.

With the Warning Lights safety solution we can prevent these kind of accidents. 

OHC pic.png
Flashing Blue Spot_edited.jpg
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