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Forget about the paper checklist

                           is a new way to check your equipment through electronic inspection. 

All questionnaires are registered by drivers identification, date, time and equipment number. 

The simple software allows you to set up your own checklist and to place this on any vehicle. The questions are asked in a random order, to require full attention of the driver every time.



There is also a possibility to even block the starting of the forklift when a question is answered "wrong".

As admin you can access all checklists everywhere and at any time. 

You can choose how many times the checklist needs to be answered daily. The loading of the checklists in the                             as well as the exporting of the data goes through a USB stick. Soon it will also be made possible to work via WIFI.

The screen of                           is waterproof and is a touchscreen. It is adapted to function in an industrial environment. The driver identifies himself through a pincode and answers the questions. It is automatically registered who answered the checklist at what time. You can always request this information.


Personalised questionnaire

Available in several languages

Random order of the questions. Also questions that need to be answered "negatively"

Possibility to block the starting of a forklift when given a "wrong" answer

Extra large and waterproof touchscreen

Can also be used with gloves

Easy to assemble and to use

Option: block funtion

Can be used as an option on the ESK 4M system or as stand alone

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