Object Detection 

A detection system serves as collision protection by detecting objects and people and therefore preventing accidents but also damage to your vehicles, warehouse, etc.

We can not expect that a driver can keep an eye on everything during the work process. A detection system helps the driver with this and sends a signal (beacon, buzzer, etc.) to attract his attention at the moment of detection. 

In our product range we offer two different object detection systems namely R.O.D. and ODCA. The big difference between the two is that R.O.D. works with radio waves and ODCA with infra red technology. 

R.O.D. or Radar Object Detection

The aim of a radar system is to attract the attention of the driver in case of danger by means of a signal and to notify third parties. 

R.O.D. uses the FMCW technology to detect stationary as well as moving objects. 

Their are 3 different detection zones pre-set to which we can link different actions (beacon, buzzer, slow down the vehicle, etc.) The system can be linked to a camera system or be used as a stand alone. When you choose to link the radar system to a camera, you will receive a warning on the screen whether or not combined with a buzzer or other action.  

The original R.O.D. has a detection field of 100°. We now offer a different variety with which we can adapt the width. It is even possible to install 2 sensors and to set them up individually. That way we increase the deployment options.


Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar technology


Large field of view 100° and up to 12m or field of 56° (adjustable width)

Detects stationary as well as moving objects

Works effectively with poor visibility, cold, heat, etc.

Up to 3 pre-set detection zones

Linked to a vision solution or as a stand alone

Multiple radar systems per vehicle possible

Different actions possible

Attract the attention of the driver and notify third parties in case of danger


SEEN Safety - IRIS860

Managing the safety of pedestrians in the vicinity of heavy machinery remains a challenging task.

The SEEN Safety – IRIS 860 detects reflective parts on for example a safety vest or cone and warns the driver if they get too close. In addition to the warning, there is also the possibility to intervene, for example, on the speed of the machine. Simple, effective and active detection that has virtually no operational impact. An easy to implement and affordable product.

The system has a detection range of 1.2 to 8m and detects reflective parts in a zone of maximum (adjustable) 60 ° horizontal and 45 ° vertical. The IRIS 860 can be placed on forklift trucks as well as loading machines etc. You even have the option of placing different sensors per machine for a personalized solution.

Click on the buttons below for more information. If you would like a demo kit, you can click on the button below the video to request it.

Easy to implement and install

Active detection of reflective tape

Reliable detection in all circumstances

Accurate detection area


Maintenance free

ODCA or Object Detection & Collision Avoidance

ODCA or Object Detection & Collision Avoidance is a V2S solution to detect objects and to prevent collisions. 



This system can be used in de construction business, transport and logistics (airports, ports, warehouses and so on), agriculture,... 


The ODCA solution mainly works with ToF technology.

This ensures the detection of objects with a clear 3D image. 

The system uses modulated infrared light which is reflected on the PMD sensor. We measure the speed at which the infrared light returns after refection on objects. This determines the distance.

The system has 1024 pixels. Therefore we can detect up to 20 objects. The system even detects faults caused by dirt or water. 

The ODCA solution can be used for different purposes: supervision of your property, guidance of a vehicle between lines, monitoring of distance between different vehicles, object recognition, tracking of reflectors, aid with positioning, warning for possible collisions. 

The solution also offers several options in use. 

Thanks to the optional integrated 2D camera you can get a VGA image with a 3D overlay.

The ODCA solution can also be teamed up with our 9" multi-vision monitor with a camera and integrated DVR. The alarm is triggered by the ODCA-system which activates a 15 second buzzer before the trigger.

Below you can see a demonstration of height and distance control with a 3D sensor for vehicles at the airport.

A special application of ODCA is our solution for small aisles named SATCA( Small Aisle Truck Collision Avoidance). Here we use our solution for object detection in small aisles which prevents collisions. 


Fast (40ms) because of the use of infrared light 

Accurate (up to 5 to 10 cm depending on the distance)

Large field of view (60m) which let's the driver react fast 

No lighting needed thanks to the infrared light

Also works in bright sunlight

3D instead of 2D

No time intensive image processing/matching 

Up to 3 actions possible (buzzer, light, lowering speed) at 3 different distances

Recognizes up to 20 object (ranked on positie, dimension, distance to vehicle)


With ODCA we can now specifically work with reflectives so that the system only detects in a pre-set zone. Here too we can divide the area into 3 subzones and adjust the width. Anything that falls and reflects outside that zone will then not be detected and wont activate an output. Within the detection area we can activate different actions depending on in which zone a reflective is detected.

As with the ordinary ODCA, which detects everything, the outputs can be controlled in function of the direction in which the vehicle is moving. So no unnecessary warnings (=overkill) ODCA REFLECTIVE does not use active tags and detects at a sufficient distance so that the driver has enough time to react/intervene.


With controle from the machine, you can even switch from "detecting everything" to "detecting only reflective materials" and vice versa.

Below is a demonstration of the ODCA REFLECTIVE at a fair.



Detection area and zones completely customizable

Detects only in the direction of travel

Detects reflective objects (if in te pre-set zone) 

Quick (40ms) by the use of infrared light 

From 50 cm to ...

Up to 3 actions possible (buzzer, light, speed reduction) at 3 different distances


LOPOS Alert Collision warning

The Lopos Alert Collision warning system warns when an object is too close by measuring the distance between the beacon on the forklift and the wearable. The detection system can be used between forklifts and pedestrians, forklifts and forklifts and forklifts and other equipment in your warehouse. Different types of alerts can be given for different distances (sound, light,...) and for both the beacon and the wearable.

The range is increased according to the speed of the machine and only relevant warnings are given. A pedestrian walking behind a moving machine (forward) will not be detected. In addition, with this solution we can also adjust the speed of the machine in certain zones as an action on a detection.

Read more about the LOPOS Alert Collision warning system in the presentation.