SATCA: Small Aisle Solutions

With SATCA (Small Aisle Truck Collision Avoidance) we offer a solution to the problem of multiple forklifts in small aisles. When both forklifts and reachtrucks must work in small aisles the visibility of the driver is limited when working. It is not always clear when an other forklift enters the aisle.


We base ourselves on the principle of the ODCA system (Object Detection & Collision Avoidance).

This system uses infrared which reflects on the objects close to the vehicle. These are then reflected on a PMD sensor. This can be imaged on a clear 3D image. When detecting another vehicle, different actions can take place (buzzer, light, lowering the speed). 

By adapting our ODCA system lightly we created a solution for small aisles. We limit the 3D image to the width of your aisles. This solution can thus be completely adapted to the needs of your warehouse.