Speed Zoning

Within speed zoning we can present you 2 solutions. 


                          or  PROXY   

With both systems we can, among other things, automatically regulate speed of vehicles. Speed Control works with a colour detection code on the floor while PROXY works with a receiver and tags which communicate through radio waves. 

Depending on your needs we will look for the best solution to your problem. 

speed control
speed control

Increase the safety of your employees in a simple way. Speed Control is a system for risk prevention by color detection. The system recognizes a color code which causes a specific action.

It's a simple and effective way to automatically lower the speed of a vehicle preventively when it enters a zone of potential danger (pedestrians, other forklifts, little space and so on).

Speed Control can carry out several actions together or apart like: 

  • Activating a visual and/or audible alarm 

  • Automatically lowering the speed 

  • Opening doors 






Accidents, even little ones, often have consequences and interrupt activities.

A good security of your environment (risk zones, load and unload platforms, intersections) ensures that your activities are less interrupted which increases productivity.  

speed zoning
Immediate speed limit
Accurate up to 10 cm
Integration of the equipment in the vehicle: no damage possible 
Can detect up to 4 colors
Customizable color codes
Can carry out up to 3 different actions
Security of the users
Usable on every type/brand of rolling material 
Inside a building different zones can be indicated
Notifying/slowing down when the forks are too high (at a passage)


With our solution "PROXY" u can guarantee global safety with only 1 product. 

PROXY works with a system of a receiver and tags. These communicate through radio waves. 

The main function of PROXY is limiting the speed to prevent the risk of accidents. This can be done by slowing down the vehicle, visual and/or sound alarms, vocal alerts. 



Using 1 connection u can carry out different actions to prevent the risk of accidents with both pedestrians as well as vehicles. 









You can also use PROXY:  kunt u PROXY ook gebruiken:

1. To control the height of forks on a forklift at a passage.

2. For access control (recognising tags). 

speed zoning
Proxy heftruck

3. Warning both pedestrians and vehicles with the presence of one another. 

Global product for safety solutions 
Speed limiation
Notify/slow down when the forks are too high (at a passage) 
Access Control
Prevent risk of accidents (pedestrian/vehicle and vehicle/vehicle) 
Can carry out several actions 
Usable on every type/brand of rolling material
Inside a building different zones can be indicated