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Increase the safety of your employers in a simple way. Speed Control is a system for risk prevention by color detection. The system recognise a color code which causes an action. 

For example: In busy crossroads where both vehicles and/or employers are present Speed Control is an efficient and easy way to increase the safety. 

The machine recognises a color code (which you can choose yourself for example green-red) on the floor and this causes an action. This actions can differ from vocal or sound alarms, or a light beacon to preventively slowing down the speed of the vehicle. When the vehicle exits the zone and passes another color code (in the opposite direction, red-green) the vehicle speeds up again. 

You can choose different color codes that all cause a different action. For example green-red to slow down the vehicle and a light beacon. When a color code of blue-yellow is passed you can give a vocal alert. There are several possibilities which we can adjust to your situation. 

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