Warnings/Detection systems


With a warning and detection system you reduce the chance of accidents between people and vehicles and vehicles themselves. This way you create a safer work environment. 

We can offer you the following options:

The systems notify pedestrians and drivers of each others presence. However the each work in their own way. PROXY works with tags and a transmitter which communicate through radio waves were LWS and TVES work with motion sensors to detect. Depending on your needs, we'll find a solution together. 




TVES: Transport Vehicle Entrance Security.

A warning entrance system with traffic light tower which is being used to indicate presence in the hallways. Through light barriers the amount of forklifts driving in and out of the hallway are being counted. No presence: green light, 1 forklift in the hallway: orange lights, 2 fokrlifts: red light. 

This solution can also be used in hallways with 2 entrances! The light towers at every entrance communicate wirelessly with the control box however there's no interference between adjacent hallways.

It's a compact system which is easy to assemble.


TVES verkeerslicht.jpg
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LED Warning Signs


Our LWS-system (Led Warning Signs) works with interactive wireless LED warning signs to make pedestrians and vehicles aware of each other's presence. The interactive signs are activated by motion sensors when they detect a pedestrian nearby. Detecting can start from 4m. The system doesn't need to be installed on the vehicle itself. In addition, the system can, if necessary, make a distinction between big and small objects. 

Below you can find several examples of the different detection possibilities from LWS.


Wireless Motion Sensor

When a pedestrian walks along the motion sensor it activates the warning signs alerting the driver of the for the arriving pedestrian(s). 

The system can also be reversed so that the forklift is detected to then warn pedestrians of it's presence. 

Kinetic Door Detector

A person provides the energy to make electricity. This happens when he opens the door. This generates the energy to activate the warning signs. 

Kinetic Gate

With the kinetic gate the energy is also provided by a person, in this case by opening the gate. This activates the warnings signs and warns the drivers of pedestrians who want to cross. 

With our presence sensor you can notify drivers when they come too close to a low ceiling or passage. This is possible with or without an audible signal.  




Our PROXY SOLUTIONS prevents collisions and creates a safer environment in your warehouse for both pedestrians and vehicles.

The PROXY technology works with a system of a receiver (which you can both place somewhere on your vehicle or in the warehouse) and tags. If the tag gets close to the receiver, one or multiple actions are caused. These can be both visual or audible. 



When the system is mounted on a vehicle and this comes close to a tag, we can cause an action on the forklift like a lamp, a horn and so on. This ensures that, at busy cross roads, pedestrians know when a forklift is approaching.

You can also choose to mount the receiver somewhere in the warehouse and place the tags on vehicles/pedestrians. When a forklift approaches a place with pedestrians and/or other activities the system recognizes the tag on the forklift and can activate a lamp or a sound to notify the pedestrians

warnings proxy

LOPOS Alert Collision warning

The Lopos Alert Collision warning system warns when an object is too close by measuring the distance between the beacon on the forklift and the wearable. The detection system can be used between forklifts and pedestrians, forklifts and forklifts and forklifts and other equipment in your warehouse. Different types of alerts can be given for different distances (sound, light,...) and for both the beacon and the wearable.

The range is increased according to the speed of the machine and only relevant warnings are given. A pedestrian walking behind a moving machine (forward) will not be detected. In addition, with this solution we can also adjust the speed of the machine in certain zones as an action on a detection.

Read more about the LOPOS Alert Collision warning system in the presentation.