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Our customers: Access control

Internal transportation

Location problem:

At the production unit in Etalle near Verviers, they asked us about a system of access control with shock detection. 


Our solution:

For this we have proposed our ESKM3. This system offers the possibility to start "easy" and in time to expand the system, for example with communication with radio, wifi or GPRS.

We also work here with a badge. This can be a badge that we provide or an existing badge from the customer. Our manufacturer masters the most current standards in this area. 



We have also implemented our speed control for them.


Location problem:

Brussels Airport came to us with several questions about their road sweepers.

  • Access control to prevent unauthorized persons from starting and driving the broom wagon.

  • See who is driving the cars and when, information about hours the machine's brushes have been running.

  • Detect and display shocks, with e-mail alert from a certain shock intensity.

  • Geolocalization (where are the broom trucks located) with the route traveled.


In addition, they wanted to support the driver while swiping so that it can see what it's already swiped and ifs this is correct ).

Our solution:

The question for the first four dots we dissolved with our ESKM4.

We supplied these with an option shock detection and GPS. ESKM4 kan u ook gebruiken voor toegangscontrole, info over uurstaten, gebruikers alsook schokken registratie en melding én geolocalisatie. Weekly, the administrator receives a email with a detailed reporting. 



To answer the question of supporting the driver while sweeping, we implemented a TOPCON solution. This solution comes from our experience from the agricultural sector. 

When the driver lowers the brushes, coloring of the screen is automatically activated.

The driver can visually track what he has swept and whether nothing has been missed. The completed tasks can be read out via USB by the administrator.

Brussels Airport
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