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Our customers: Vision solutions



Molenbergnatie was chosen in the award that V2S received from VIL to test our new AI camera system. This camera detects pedestrians and provides a visual and audible warning on the screen. Optionally, the electric forklift can also be driven at a lower speed when a person is detected or an extra warning for driver or pedestrian can be activated (buzzer, extra light, etc.). connect regular camera.


Location problem:


EMR is a company which recycles metal. From EMR in Rotterdam, they asked to optimize the visibility of the driver of their cranes. The ships are emptied with huge Senneboge cranes. They asked for a solution for 2 taps. 


Our solution:

Per crane we provide a vision solution of 3 screens and 5 cameras: 


- 1 Multivision screen with 2 cameras on the “stick” (this is the last part where the gripper is on)

  This way people have a better view of what they are doing and in this way we improve safety and 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  process support.

- 1 Multivision screen with 2 wireless cameras that image the pump house/engine room of the crane. In this way   the driver can see in time whether or not there is a problem such as oil leakage. through our vision solution.


- 1 Monovision screen with 1 wireless camera. We do not mount this on the crane itself, but on the "bin" where the   metal goes in to be ground / shredded. For example, it can be monitored whether too many raw materials   are unloaded into the bin in order to avoid clogging. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  



At Euroports Gent we have implemented a vision solution that gives the driver a better view of the environment around the forklift truck. The monitor shows that the image automatically switches between the front camera and the back camera with 2 side view cameras. This gives the operator a clear picture of what is happening to the left/right and behind the machine at a glance.

20220615_100305 (002).jpg
20220615_105200 (002).jpg
20220615_104138 (002).jpg
SEA-Invest GCT
logo sea invest.jpg

At Ghent Coal Terminal we have placed several cameras on a wheel loader 335. We have placed cameras on both sides and front and rear of the vehicle to give the driver a good view of his surroundings while driving/working. The cameras were mounted on an extension to ensure the best view. The large front cargo bed required a front camera. Our DUAL camera was mounted at the back. This camera combines a rear view with a bird's eye view.  

Volvo 350 met front camera constructie.j
Front camera constructie 2.jpg

Front view from the driver

Frontzicht vanuit bestuurder.jpg

Front view from camera

Frontzicht vanuit camera.jpg
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