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Our customers: Vision solutions

alkern foto 1_edited_edited.jpg

Location problem:

At Sagrex they use a 90 ton crane that fills a crusher with rubble/stones. It is impossible for the operator of the crane to see when the crusher is clogged. To get everything free again afterwards is a tough job and costs time and money. 


Our solution:

We installed our digital wireless camera and monitor. This way the driver can keep a close eye on whether something is going wrong and then stop the process.


In this photo we see the steinweg clamp. In the two orange circles we see the mounted camera on the one hand and the batteries and the transmitter on the other.

Location problem:

At Alkern they had a vision problem. The driver had little or no visibility while driving when using the "steinweg clamp". This clamp is an attachment tool that is regularly connected and disconnected.


Our solution:

By means of an appropriate vision solution, we have been able to clearly improve the driver's view (see photos) Thanks to our wireless connection and the rechargeable batteries with built-in magnet, it is also possible to change tools quickly. 

alkern foto 2.jpg

The photo above shows what the driver sees from his cab. The photo below shows the image from the camera on the monitor in the driver's cabin. Very clear that we have improved the driver's vision.

Alkern foto 3.jpg
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