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Scan barcode with High Definition camera and monitor
HD scanner.png

Problems are often encountered when scanning barcodes at higher positions in the warehouse. Scanning errors often occur or the driver has to bend over backwards to scan the barcode. We offer a solution for this with our High Definition  camera & monitor

Reach Truck solution 

Our solution for reach trucks is een wireless system that ensures a good view when putting pallets away at height.


A system that gives optimal visibility without getting in the way of the forks. 

Full View Rear camera

Several things can go wrong when reversing a lift truck. With our full view reversing camera system you have a 2-in-1 image. The camera also detects movement.

Front cam

To make work more efficient and faster. This camera helps the driver during his work.

Narrow corridor camera

Improve the driver's view of a man-up truck in narrow aisles with our vision solution.

Blind spot camera

Make the blind spots of a truck visible to the driver with our vision solution.

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