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Our customers: Vision solutions


Because of the new legislation in the Netherlands regarding agricultural vehicles on public roads, some adjustments must be made to some vehicles. The law says that every driver must have sufficient visibility when he is on public roads. Often this view is prevented or limited by the use of frontal implements. Together with our dealer BROEKEMA (Deutz Fahr dealer) we have looked for a solution for a customer for various vehicles. We found that solution together, offered it and ultimately installed it by Broekema.


For each type of vehicle, the configuration is adapted to the type of equipment. The vision solution is also easily removable, like the implement itself. For some applications, the customer wanted 2 separate screens.

In short, a good solution to comply with the new law.


Press the buttonsee photos of our vision solutions mounted on different types of vehicles.

Location problem:

The Lauwers company builds various machines for agriculture and horticulture. Their leek harvesters in Staden are equipped with our vision solution. The machine is unmanned during the harvesting of the leek. The people sit in the back and it is therefore difficult to see how high or low the leeks are cut. In addition, we have also developed a vision solution for their fruit tree spraying machine.


Our solution: leek harvester

We have placed a camera at the level of the cutting blade. This one shows how the leek  is cut off. Too high = too much loss, but too low means too much root and soil. This will then be corrected.

Solution fruit tree spraying machine

For the fruit tree spraying machine we came up with a vision solution with cameras with an adjusted viewing angle. For example, the cameras are used as an optical control aid and adjustments can be made during work to make things run more smoothly. 


Lauwers 2
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