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In agriculture there are numerous examples where a camera monitor system is indispensable. Not only when reversing, but also as a visual control aid during work. This both on the outside and on the inside of the machine.

With our experience, we can find the optimal solution together with the customer in function of the machine and the visibility problem.

Below some examples of machines where a system can certainly be used. Mowers, pickers, balers, sprayers, tractors, telehandlers, potato or beet harvesters etc.  



In specific cases, wireless systems can even be used to place the camera on the thresher's ejector tube and the screen in the cabin of the tractor driving next to it.

We are partner for vision solutions for Same-Deutz-Fahr Benelux.

Vision solutions

In the agricultural world, camera systems are in certain cases indispensable. Both when reversing and visual aid while working.


Our vision solutions make these tasks all more efficient. 

Automatic extinguishing system
automatisch blussysteem

An automatic extinguishing system that protects your equipment against fire hazards and automatically starts extinguishing when a fire is detected.

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