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In warehouses en distribution centers, safety is of great importance. Many forklifts and other vehicles often drive around in these places to load and unload.

The view of the drivers can be obstructed by various things such as cargo, buildings, other forklift trucks. Vaak bevinden heftrucks zich ook in dezelfde zones als voetgangers. Ongelukken zijn dan ook een reële mogelijkheid. 

Thanks to our knowledge and range of good products, we can provide a safe environment. In addition, we also work with the most important brands of forklifts.


V2S offers several visibility and safety solutions for safe material handling which you can view below.

Vision solutions

The view of the driver of a forklift truck is often obstructed. This can be due to various things such as their cargo, buildings, other vehicles. 

We offer various vision solutions to increase safety.

Speed zoning
speed zoning

In a warehouse, several vehicles drive at different speeds. They also enter zones where pedestrians roam.


We increase safety by warning other forklift trucks and/or pedestrians or by preventively reducing speed in potentially dangerous zones.

Warnings/detection systems

In a warehouse or distribution center, lift trucks are often in the same zones as pedestrians. 

With a warning system, both parties know when they are near the other and this raises their awareness.

Access control

We offer a fleet management system where you have access to all the key data of your vehicle fleet in 1 click.

Check box

Get rid of the paper checklist.

Checkbox is a new way to check your material dmv electronic inspection.

Warninglights & Lasers
red line

In addition to the Blue/Red spot, we offer an additional safety measure, namely various Red Line and lasers. These systems define a clear zone around the lift truck so that pedestrians can clearly see where it is safe for them.

Automatic extinguishing system
automatisch blussysteem

An automatic extinguishing system that protects your equipment against fire hazards and automatically starts extinguishing when a fire is detected.

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