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Driver Fatigue Monitoring System (DFMS)

Driver fatigue.jpg

Driver fatigue is one of the main causes of accidents.

It is extremely dangerous and can happen to anyone.


The DFMS system constantly monitors the driver's driving behavior and status. In addition, it immediately warns in the event of abnormal driving behavior so that the risk of accidents is clearly reduced.

Based on facial recognition, the system collects images of the driver's face through the camera to determine head position and obtain current facial features.

These images are then compared to different models of abnormal driving behavior in the database to identify the driver's current status.


If abnormal driving behavior is detected such as tiredness, smoking, calling, this activates a light and audible alarm.


We offer the basic system as well as the system with 4G and GPS.

Read the presentation for more information.

Monitors driving behavior and driver status

Activates light and audible alarm when abnormal behavior is detected

System also possible with GPS and 4G

Fatigue detection

Detection distraction

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