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A detection system first of all serves as collision protection by detecting objects and people and thereby preventing accidents, but also damage to your vehicles, warehouse, etc.

We cannot expect a driver to keep an eye on everything during the work process. A detection system assists the driver in this and sends a signal (flashing light, buzzer, etc.) to attract the driver's attention at the moment of detection.

AI Camera
AI cameras
AI camera.png

The AI camera detects people who are in the camera's detection field. The AI camera enlarges the driver's field of view and detects pedestrians, giving a warning and possibly reducing the speed of the forklift.

LOPOS Alert Collision warning

The Lopos Alert Collision warning system warns when an object is too close by measuring the distance between the beacon on the forklift and the wearable. The detection system can be used between forklifts and pedestrians, forklifts and forklifts, and forklifts and other equipment in your warehouse. Different types of warnings can be given for different distances (sound, light,...) and for both the beacon and the wearable.

The range is increased according to the speed of the machine and only relevant warnings are given. A pedestrian walking behind a moving machine will not be detected. In addition, this solution also allows us to adjust the speed of the machine in certain zones as an action on a detection.

Read more about the LOPOS Alert Collision warning system in the presentation.


ROD or Radar Object Detection

ROD is a system that detects objects via radar and thus prevents collisions.

The purpose of a radar system is to draw the driver's attention in the event of danger by means of a signal and also to warn third parties.

ROD uses FMCW technology to detect both stationary and moving objects.  

There are 3 different detection zones preset to which we can link different actions (a flashing light, buzzer, slowing down the vehicle, etc.). The system can be linked to a camera system or used as a stand alone. 

When you choose to link the radar system to a camera, you will receive a warning on the screen, whether or not combined with a buzzer or other action.

The original ROD has a detection field of 100°. Now we also offer a variant of where we can set the width. It is even possible to place 2 sensors and set them separately. In this way we increase the deployment possibilities of the system.


Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar technology


Large field of view 100° and up to 12m and now also 56° allowing us to adjust the width

Detects bothstationary and moving objects

Effectively works in poor visibility, cold, heat, etc.

Up to 3 fixed detection zones

Linked to a vision solution or as a stand alone

Multiple radar systems per vehicle possible

Different actions possible

In the event of danger, draw the attention of the driver and warn third parties

SEEN Safety - IRIS860

Managing the safety of pedestrians around heavy machinery remains a challenging task.

The SEEN Safety - IRIS 860 detects the reflective parts on, for example, a safety vest or cone and warns the driver if they come too close.

In addition to the warning, there is also the option of intervening, for example, on the speed of the machine. Simple, effective and active detection that has practically no operational impact. An easy to implement product that is affordable.

The system has a detection range of 1.2 to 8m and detects reflective parts in a zone of up to (adjustable) 60° horizontally and 45° vertically. The IRIS 860 can be placed on both forklifts and loading machines, etc. You even have the option of placing different sensors per machine for a personalized solution.

Click on the buttons below for more information. If you would like a demo kit, you can click on the button below the video to request it.

Easy to deploy and install

Active detection of reflective tape

Reliable detection in all conditions

Accurate detection area


Maintenance free

SEEN Safety IRIS 860
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