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Driver responsibility (personal key or badge)

Reducing damage costs

Optimizing the management of your fleet

Shock detection (medium to large shocks)

Access to the administrator platform via simple internet connection

Independent and support on all brands

Driving behavior management

Reducing operating costs

Option: check box

We offer 3 types of access control in our range

- ESK M4 : access control for vehicles

- M230 : access control for stationary machines

- Easy touch: economical access control solution for smaller fleets. 

ESK M4: Fleet management in 1 click

With 1 click you have access to all your core data of your fleet

  • Compliance with the rules of conduct/driving behavior of the driver

  • Use of material

  • Shock detection

  • Battery management

You receive detailed reports by e-mail and are alerted in real time to certain issues.

Close follow-up allows you to respond faster and better  which optimizes profitability.

The system also uses geolocation so that you always know where all lift trucks are, what route they have taken, etc.

Also ask about our entry-level access control systems with the option of retrofitting such as the ESK M4 or de OR (this system works for smaller fleets but offers no communication option between_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_truck and manager).



In addition to the access control system ESK M4  for vehicles, there is now also the M230 for stationary industrial & production machines where you have control and information at all times through access control and a management platform.


  • Who has access to start certain machines (name badge for authorized persons)

  • Know the time of use

  • Management of maintenance contracts

  • Quantify machine wear


M230 is for stationary machines, ESKM4 for mobile. However, the management platform (to create badges, to read hours of use, etc.) is the same.

So a company can now manage and retrieve all information with one management tool.


Eg mister X has a badge with which he can start forklift y and also machine Z.




The EASYTOUCH is an economical access control solution for smaller fleets. It is a simple and effective access control solution. Thanks to its small size, it can be easily integrated into your equipment. The system works with a code or badge to access the vehicle. Each forklift must be manually set (once only) with which badges/codes are granted access. 

It can be used in two different ways:

  • The assignment of a personal code for each user who gives access to one or more machines (within the limit of 2,000 users per device)

  • The assignment of a personal badge to each user who gives access to one or more machines..

EASYTOUCH does not use a "remote" website where you can set everything (user, forklift, etc.) and therefore offers no communication option between truck and manager. and therefore have no feedback of the number of hours per lift truck or per user, etc.

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