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We offer 2 solutions for speed zoning.


                          or  PROXY   

With both systems we can, among other things, activate automatic speed control of vehicles.

Speed Control works with color detection on the floor while PROXY works with a receiver and tags that communicate via radio waves. 

Depending on your needs, we look together for the best solution for your problem.

speed control
speed control

Increase the safety of your employees in a simple way. Speed Control is a risk prevention system by color detection. The system recognizes a color code that triggers such an action.



It is a simple and efficient way of pre-emptively and automatically controlling the speed of a vehicle when it enters a zone of potential danger (pedestrians, other lift trucks, limited space, etc.)

Speed Control can perform several actions together or separately cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_such as:

  • Controlling a visual and/or audible alarm

  • Limit automaticallyof speed

  • Open doors





Accidents, even minor ones, often have consequences and disrupt operations.

Proper security of your environment (risk zones, loading bays, intersections) can even improve your operations by reducing disruption to operations.

speed zoning
Immediate speed limit
Accurate to within 10 cm
Integration of the material into the vehicle: no damage possible
Can detect up to 4 colors
Customizable color codes
Can perform up to 3 different actions
User security
Can be used on any type/brand of rolling stock
Different zones can be designated within a building
Warn/Slow down when forks are too high (e.g. at a passage)


With our solution "PROXY" you can ensure global security with 1 product. 

PROXY works with a receiver en tags system. These communicate with each other using radio waves. 

The main function of PROXY is to limit speed in order to prevent the risk of accidents. This can be done by slowing down the vehicle, visual and/or audible alarms, vocal alert.



You can therefore have various actions carried out via one connection in order to prevent the risk of accidents involving both pedestrians and vehicles.









In addition, you can also use PROXY:

1. To check the height of the forks on a forklift for example at a passage

2. Access control (tag recognition)

speed zoning
Proxy heftruck

3. Warning of both pedestrians and vehicles about presence of the other

Global product for security solutions
automatic sspeed limitation
Warning/Delay when forks are too high (e.g. at a passage)
Access control
Prevent risk of accidents (pedestrian/vehicle or vehicle/vehicle) 
Can perform various actions
Can be used on elk type/brand of rolling stock
Different zones can be designated within a building
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